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The Team

The Firm Capital Group has been formed in a response to a growing need to have a recognized capital company in the Coachella Valley by putting together many investors behind a well respected leadership team and obtaining economies of scale to pursue value-added opportunities and deploy capital in strategic out of the box and forward thinking ways with a long and short term viewpoint on changing consumer behavior, will allow for strategic buying opportunities, of value-added and distressed assets.

In addition, the opportunity to convert existing buildings, and obtain entitlements allows for the preservation of long term capital, also opportunities for immediate cash flow and increased equity valuations for our properties and investments.

The dynamic principal are experienced operators and boots on the ground brokers who participate in the day to day activities of buying, selling and leasing commercial assets and have substantial personal investments in the Coachella Valley.

Between them the management team consists of: A licensed attorney, $500 million in combined sales assets, successful 10x exit on an entitlement project and currently hold 16,000+ sq. ft. ($4,000,000+) of commercial assets.

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